Residential Solar Rooftop

What Is Solar Rooftop System


Solar Rooftop (PV) system, which generate electricity for solar panels is mounted on the rooftop of a residential or High-Rise Building’s.  The various components of such a system include photovoltaic modules, mounting systems, cables, solar inverters and other electrical accessories.

A Rooftop solar system provides enough electric energy to fulfil all the power requirements of your home. It is capable of providing AC power as traditionally all homes use AC power to operate lighting systems, gadgets, appliances and equipment such as computers, refrigerators, mixers, fans, air conditioners, TVs and music systems. We provide you an affordable and a lifelong solution of energy to your home appliance through the solar installation at your rooftop or someplace where the sunrays are more.



How Its Work?


Solar (PV) rooftop system is basically a small power plant at your rooftop. The Grid interactive Roof Top Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) mainly consists of three major components. These are the solar PV modules, mounting structure for the modules and the inverter or power conditioning units. Solar PV modules form an array and it requires a mounting structure to hold PV modules at the required angle for maximized generation. The solar panels convert solar energy in the form of light into electricity in DC form (Direct Current). The DC electrical energy is converted to AC (Alternate Current) power by the inverter/power conditioning unit which is connected to the power grid through AC distribution board. The AC power output can be measured through metering panel connected to it. The 230 /415 V AC output of the system can be synchronized with the grid and the electricity can be exported to the grid depending upon solar power generation or it can be use directly to local consumption.



Subsidy on Solar Rooftop System


According to the Central and State Government Provides 40 % Subsidy up to 3 kW System. For the Installations above 3 kW and up to 10kW will get a 20%s subsidy. there’s no subsidy beyond 10 kW capacity. The Subsidy Only for Residential System not any Other.



How Arkay Help To Install And Get Subsidy


First,          We Survey Your Roof Site & Designed the system

Second,     We collect required Documents and get TFR and DISCOM Letter

Third,        We Installed Solar System as per your roof avablelity and System designed.

Fourth,      And last We Submit the required test report after DISCOM

Install  Solar meter and your Solar System Will started Generating  your Own Power.